Curriculum Vitae

2009  Master of Fine Arts, Massey University Wellington
2008  Post Graduate Diploma Fine Art, Massey University Wellington
2003  Bachelor of Arts, Physics and Astrophysics, University of New Mexico
2003  Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art and Photography, University of New Mexico

2011 Finalist, 20th Wallace Art Awards

Selected solo exhibitions
2012 Local Coordinates, Wellington City Council Courtenay Place Park Light Box Project, Wellington, New Zealand

2011 interfaces, Blue Oyster Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand

Selected group exhibitions

2012 enjoy, Ménage a Trois curated by Claudia Arozqueta, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand, TCB artinc, Melbourne, Australia, and XYZ Collective, Tokyo, Japan

2011 interface, Un-sited curated by Aaron Lister, City Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

2010 Dirty dishwater developer, Enjoy Recipes Illustrated curated by the Enjoy Trust, Enjoy Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

2009 interface, Popular Fictions curated by Abby Cunnane, Engine Room, Wellington, New Zealand

2007 untitled [textbook], Exposure 2007, Massey University;

Works in print
2011 ‘work’ in Hue & Cry Journal, issue 5, July 2011. Chloe Lane (ed.) Wellington, New Zealand

2010 ‘Was Here’ in Permanent Vacation, issue 1, September 2010. Kerry Ann Lee (ed.), Dunedin, New Zealand

2009 ‘Horizons’, selected series of eight images in Hue & Cry Journal, issue 3, May 2009. Chloe Lane (ed.) Auckland, New Zealand

Published peer-reviewed writing
‘Mediated: The Image as a Performative Interface in the Photographic Relationship’. (2010) Analecta Husserliana: Art Inspiring Transmutations of Life, London: Springer Publishers.

‘The Object as Question’. (June, 2010) Oculus, issue 2. Christchurch: University of Canterbury Department of Art History and Theory.

Selected List of other writing
‘Rejointed’, commissioned response to Dove Tail Joint, Florence Wild (artist), Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand.

‘Recovering a sense of place’, commissioned response to Moving Places James Voller (artist), Kings Artist Run Initiative, Melbourne, Australia.

‘The Transitive Landscape Captured’ commissioned response to Cut Here, Kate Woods (artist), City Art Rooms, Auckland, New Zealand.

‘Mediated: The Image as a Performative Interface in the Photographic Relationship’ presented at the International Society of Phenomenology 14th Annual Fine Arts and Aesthetics Conference, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Arts related experience
2009-2012 Trust Member, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

2008-2009 Research Assistant and Web Administrator, One Day Sculpture Project, Litmus Research Initiative, Wellington, New Zealand